November 22, 2023

A Rainy but Remarkable Day: Day 6 of Our Turks and Caicos Adventure


Welcome back to our family’s unforgettable journey through the captivating Turks and Caicos Islands. Day Six was a testament to our resilience and the beauty of making the most of every moment, even when faced with unexpected rain. Join us as we recount the highlights of this rainy yet remarkable day.

 Breakfast at Giuseppe’s

Our day began with the promise of adventure, despite overcast skies and a forecast of rain. We started by fueling up at Giuseppe’s, a breakfast buffet where I indulged in an omelet and crepes, while the kids savored pancakes, sausage, and bacon.

A Rainy Morning Turned Water Fun

As we prepared to head to the pool, the heavens opened up, and a downpour ensued. Instead of being deterred, we decided to make the most of it. Claire opted to stay dry indoors with Dave and Alan, while I took the big kids to the pool. Undeterred by the rain, we hopped into the hot tub, enjoying the feeling of warm water contrasting with the cool raindrops. It turned out to be an unexpected and exhilarating experience.

Fun and Laughter at the Pool

Within an hour, the rain cleared, and we seized the opportunity to enjoy some pool games. One of the highlights was a water jockey race, where we raced in pairs, with one person piggybacking the other, going up and down the pool. While the matchups seemed a bit lopsided—some of the bigger guys with toddlers on their backs versus me with my oldest daughter who is almost as tall as I am—the spirit of fun and laughter prevailed.

Waterpark Adventure Continues

Unfortunately, the afternoon ATV excursion was canceled due to the weather. However, this setback only fueled our determination to make the best of our time at the resort. We decided to stay and explore the waterpark further. Ralph and I enjoyed more bodyboarding adventures together, creating cherished memories of our time in the waves.

Schooners: A Culinary Delight with Ocean Views

As evening descended, we made our way to Schooners, a restaurant offering stunning views of the ocean. It turned out to be a culinary highlight of our trip. We indulged in an array of delicious seafood appetizers, and for dinner, I had the signature swordfish, which was nothing short of amazing. Dessert presented a delightful dilemma as we tried all three options on the menu, with the flourless chocolate cake emerging as the kids’ favorite.

Despite the earlier rain, we were looking forward to a Sesame Street show in the evening. However, it was cut short due to yet another downpour accompanied by thunder and lightning. We retreated to our room, where we watched the storm from our cozy haven before calling it a night.

Day Six of our Turks and Caicos adventure was a testament to our family’s resilience and the enduring beauty of unexpected moments, even amidst the rain. Stay tuned as our journey continues, and we uncover more treasures on this tropical odyssey with our family.


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