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Don’t just lose the weight …
keep it off for good!

Hi, my name is Natasha Pehrson and I’ve been in your shoes before.

I’ve been there and done that and let me tell you, I get it. Fast forward to today. I have now helped over 1,000 women change their lives through health, fitness, and the power of a shifting your mindset. I’ve been featured in countless magazines and have over a million followers and I’ve decided it’s time to pay it forward.

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Are you tired of feeling stuck?

You just can’t stay consistent? Are you an “all or nothing” person when it comes to weight loss, and you just don’t have any energy or lack the motivation?

Then the Body Confidence Academy is what you need. Learn how to lose weight without frustration, without deprivation, and without restriction.

Do any of these sound like you?

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  • You’ve wasted a ton of money on all the diets. Pills, shakes, cleanses…you’ve tried everything but stuck to nothing.
  • You wake up every day with good intentions to eat healthy, but end each day exhausted, overwhelmed, and vegging out on your couch mindlessly eating a pint of ice cream.
  • You’re confused by all of the conflicting information out there on how to get the best results. All you know is you want to lose weight and still be able to eat tacos.
Let me introduce you to the

Body Confidence Academy

Good news! You’re in the right place.

The Body Confidence Academy is a weight loss program that is going to teach you how to create a sustainable healthy lifestyle where shedding pounds becomes effortless. No more self-sabotage. No more negative self-talk. No more fear of failing yet again. You’re going to gain the confidence that you CAN lose the weight AND you can keep it off for good.

  • When you implement my proven system

    You’ll go from being terrified that your kids will grow up and look in the mirror only to talk to themselves the same negative way you talk to yourself.

    To being a living example of the person you hope your kids grow up and become.

  • When you implement my proven system

    You’ll go from constantly thinking about your weight all day every day.

    To being so focused on making memories with your family that your weight is the last thing on your mind.

  • When you implement my proven system

    You’ll go from giving up and overeating all the things because of you had one small slip up.

    To learning exactly how to have balance and losing weight while still enjoying your favorite foods.

  • “Natasha taught me how ditch the all-or-nothing mentality and focus on small habits that have led to major changes in my life.”

If you’re ready to ditch the diets for good, but you need someone who’s been there done that to guide the way…

I created this just for you

Body Confidence Academy

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Lose weight without dieting
and feel confident in your skin!

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Imagine this …

  • Seeing the biggest smile on your kid’s face while you’re outside playing with them because you have the energy.
  • Booking that vacation to the Caribbean because you’re no longer embarrassed to wear a swimsuit in public.
  • Waking up on Monday morning seeing a drop on the scale because you no longer struggle on the weekends.
  • Booking that boudoir photo shoot for your husband because you feel sexy and attractive.
  • Natasha’s real-talk and positive determination is exactly what I needed to hear to keep me focused on my goals.

  • Tasha’s coaching helped me focus on habits instead of just the number on the scale. I lost 100 pounds and got my life back.

Let me break it down

How the Program Works

  • Tasha on phone M1
    Module 1

    Day 1 of the Rest of Your Life

    In module one, you’re going to:

    Create a vision for your life that motivates you every single day. Figure out a why that makes you never quit on yourself again. Be able to live in the gray. No more all-or-nothing. Learn the difference between good accountability and bad accountability. Connect with a partner or pod that is the right fit for you.

  • M2
    Module 2

    Connect with

    In module two, you’re going to:

    Build trust with your body again because you‘re paying attention. Watch your behaviors start to change effortlessly just by writing everything down. Recognize patterns that are contributing to your results so you know exactly what to do to keep getting your desired results.

  • M3
    Module 3

    Overhaul Your Habits

    In module three, you’re going to:

    Start creating new habits that help you unintentionally ditch the bad one. Master the core habits that are essential to weight loss and will help you not just lose the weight, but keep it off. Experience the Compound Effect over time as you see the pounds melting off.

  • M4
    Module 4

    Develop Your Weight Loss Mindset

    In module four, you’re going to:

    Recognize your thoughts and thought patterns that are hindering your results. Discover how to coach yourself through your limiting beliefs. Create a solid mindset that helps you turn every excuse into an opportunity for growth. Master how to have a positive mindset about weight loss – even when it feels impossible.

  • M5
    Module 5

    Enhance Your Results

    Understand how to analyze your tracker to maximize your weight loss success. Sync everything together that you have learned to figure out how YOU best lose weight. Build your confidence because you are following through. Start making action-based goals that shift your focus from perfection to progress and help you start losing weight.

Client Transformations

  • Allison lost over 55lbs

    Natasha inspired me to begin my weight loss journey. My mindset has completely shifted for the better, my relationship with food has improved and I lost over 55lbs.

  • 100 pound client transformation
    Jacinda lost 100 pounds

    After following Natasha on social media and admiring how confident she was that she would lose 100 pounds, it inspired me to believe I could do it too after a lifetime of obesity.

    Her coaching helped me to look at health differently and focus on habits instead of the number on the scale and voila, I finally lost 100 pounds and got my life back.

  • 95 pound weight loss client transformation
    Nikki lost 95 pounds

    I’m down 95 pounds because Natasha taught me how ditch the all-or-nothing mentality and focus on small habits that have led to major changes in my life. I’m forever grateful!

  • Michelle lost over 40lbs

    Natasha’s real-talk and positive determination is what I needed to hear to keep me focused on my goals. I lacked the tools to follow thru until I joined her!! I’m down 40 pounds and feel confident I’ll hit my goal 100 pound goal!

  • 60 pound weight loss client transformation
    Ametyhst has lost over 60lbs

    In 7 months I am down 60+ pounds and for the first time ever I have the confidence that I will be able to not only reach my goal of losing over 100 pounds, but maintain it afterwards.

  • Client weight loss transformation
    Megan transformed her mindset

    In a world where highlight reels are shared and perfection is seemingly all around us, it’s been so helpful to have Natasha be so authentic in sharing her journey while I navigate mine.

    I no longer beat myself up when I’m enjoying the little moments in life! With motivation from Natasha, I’ve developed the accountability within myself to know that the next decision I make will be the one that gets me right back on track to achieving my goals.

What’s included …

  • 5 Modules ($1997 value)
  • 3 Bonus Modules ($997 value)
  • 3 Months of Community Access ($97 value)
  • 3 Group Coaching Calls ($299 value)
  • Your First 10 Pounds Mini Course ($97 value)
  • Digital Tracker* ($50 value)
    *print available for purchase
Choose the best option for you…
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Plus, when you enroll today, you’ll
also get access to these bonuses…

  • B1
    Bonus Module 1

    Tips for Troubleshooting Your Journey

    Strategies on what to do when you’re self-sabotaging, you’ve hit a plateau, you a slip-up, and more.

  • B2
    Bonus Module 2

    Tips for Navigating Your Day-To-Day Life

    What to do when you’re struggling with losing weight over the weekend, emotional eating, late-night snacking, and more.

  • B3
    Bonus Module 3

    Tips for Special Occasions

    How to navigate social events, holidays, vacations, and more.

The biggest regret of my life… might just be the thing that changes yours.

It was 6th grade. I was sitting at the lunch table with my friends, opening up my lunchbox, and everyone was staring. My friend across the table asked with confusion why I brought bacon, cheese, and plain deli meat for lunch. My response – I was trying to lose weight and heard that it would be easy if I didn’t eat carbs. I felt so embarrassed. That was the start of many years of yo-yo dieting.

The first time I successfully lost weight was after college. For 6 months I blocked out the world, skipped every social event, and stayed focused. I lost 50 pounds with clean eating and exercise and felt incredible!

After I hit my goal, I met my husband. We got married after a year of dating and I got pregnant right away. During my pregnancy, I gained back all the weight I had lost. I felt like a stranger in my own body. I hated what I saw in the mirror, and I was ashamed of all of the weight I had gained.

I was so embarrassed and disgusted with myself that I deleted all but one photo of me and my newborn daughter…because I didn’t like how I looked in any of them.

That is my biggest regret.

It wasn’t until about a year later when we were getting ready to celebrate her first birthday, I was looking through all of her newborn photos and realized I wasn’t in any of them. Not only are those memories I will never get back, but they are memories I robbed from my daughter because of my own insecurities.

That day, I made a vow to myself, that no matter how much weight I gained with future pregnancies, I would never do that again.

I used to think that confidence would come when you could fit into a size 4 pair of jeans, but that’s not how it works.

black bodysuit sitting on the floor

After I had my third baby, I found myself 100 pounds overweight (and I have all the pictures to prove it because like I said, I made a vow to myself never to delete them again.) I was tired of the deprivation and restriction that it took to lose the weight, not to mention, with 3 kids it just felt impossible, I was constantly falling off the wagon and starting over again.

The day I decided to stop dieting for good was the first day of the rest of my life.

I wasn’t losing the weight anyway, so I decided to stop trying and instead focus on slowly changing my habits. Over the next 16 months, I lost 100 pounds…with ease!

I know what it’s like to be overweight. To not be able to fit into any of the clothes in your closet. To make up excuses not to go to the beach because you don’t want to wear a swimsuit. But guess what, it doesn’t have to be that way!

It is my passion to help other moms learn how to love their bodies while they are working on losing the weight. To feel confident and empowered. To fall in love with who they are.

That is why I created the Body Confidence Academy and I can’t wait for you to live every day as the best version of you because that is what you deserve.

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What will your life look like when you hit your goal?

  • Imagine planning a vacation that you don’t need to lose weight for, because you’ve already lost it and have the tools to keep it off for good.
  • Imagine going shopping for a whole new wardrobe because none of your old clothes fit. AND you finally get to wear pieces that are trending and you love rather than pieces you don’t care for but it’s all that fits.
  • Imagine hitting your big weight loss goal and feeling so proud of yourself because you finally did it!
private community

Body Confidence Club

When you become a member, you won’t be doing this alone. You’ll gain 3-months access
to the Body Confidence Club. This includes one group coaching call each month and a
members-only community with hundreds of members just like you. We’re in this together.

Continue your membership in the Bod Con Club after your first 3 months for $67/quarter.

If you’re still reading, there’s
something holding you back.

You may be asking yourself…

What happens after I purchase?

You’ll be sent a welcome email with login instructions and steps to get started steps. This course is self-paced and upon enrollment, you’ll have access to all of the material so you can dive in and start ASAP or whenever you are ready!

If I live outside the US can I do your program?

YES!! The cool thing about the internet is that it connects us. You just need the internet. Our calls are hosted on different days and times to accommodate all types of time zones.

Is this in affiliation with BODi?

While I love BODi workouts, supplements, etc. this program is completely separate and focuses on the mindset and sustainable habits side of weight loss.

Do I need Facebook to join the program?

The members-only community is hosted in a private Facebook group, however all of the learning materials you’ll be able to access on my website.

If you don’t have Facebook, you can either choose not to join the community, or you can create a Facebook account (which you don’t need to add any friends or post) just to access the group.

How long do I have access to the course?

You will have access to the online curriculum for as long as it exists. There are no plans for it to expire—if that changes, you’ll have 6 months’ notice beforehand.

Still have questions? Please reach out to [email protected].
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Body Confidence Academy

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I’m Natasha Pehrson

Your ultimate hype girl and weight loss bestie! I’m a wife and mom to 4 who has lost 100 pounds by ditching diets and instead focusing on creating healthy habits and changing my overall mindset around losing weight. Get to know me.

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