March 21, 2022

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…after having Claire to lose the first 20 pounds. And it was especially frustrating because I was doing ALL of the same things I did to successfully lose the baby weight after having Gretchen & Ralph.

A friend of mine recommended I see a hormone specialist – which I did – and I started taking supplements to regulate my hormones.

That helped speed up the weight loss a little bit, but being over 200 pounds, I knew I should be losing more than 0.5 pounds/week for the effort that I was putting in.

A few months my hormone doctor wanted to test me for food sensitivities.

Turns out, my body no longer agrees with gluten, dairy, soy, and a few other things. 😭

32 years old vs. 33 years old. This 👆🏼is what is achievable in a year.

In July of last year, I fully committed to an elimination diet and not only have lost 75 pounds in the past 8 months, but so many other health issues that I was dealing with completely disappeared.

No more heartburn. No more bloating. No more waking up being so swollen that my fingers and toes tingle. No more eczema flare-ups. All 👏🏼 gone 👏🏼 .

Was it easy giving up cheese? No. I mean I legit cried over it lol.

BUT IT HAS BEEN SOOOO WORTH IT for the results I’ve gotten and the way I feel.

In April, we are going to be following a gut health program in my Body Confidence Club where we will all follow the same meal plan – eliminating the most common food intolerances and slowly adding them back in to see how your body reacts.



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