November 27, 2023

Beautiful Ending to a Beautiful Trip: Our Final Day of our Turks and Caicos Family Vacation


Welcome back to the closing chapter of our unforgettable family vacation in the Turks and Caicos Islands. As our journey in this tropical paradise comes to an end, we want to share the last moments and reflections of our remarkable adventure. Join us for one last time as we prepare to head back home.

A Farewell Breakfast Buffet

Our final morning in Turks and Caicos began with a visit to the breakfast buffet, where we indulged in one last round of culinary delights. One of the things we’ve loved about our resort is the omelet bar available at all the buffets—a delicious way to start the day.

Saying Goodbye and Packing Up

After breakfast, we returned to our room to complete our packing while Claire and Alan enjoyed some playtime. Gretchen and Ralph headed to the kids’ club to bid farewell to their vacation friends, exchanging promises to stay in touch. Our hearts were filled with gratitude for the friendships we had made during our stay.

One Last Sweet Treat and Departure

Before leaving the resort, we couldn’t resist stopping for one last serving of ice cream, savoring the flavors that had become a cherished part of our vacation routine. Departing the resort was bittersweet—we were eager to return home for the holidays but would dearly miss the stunning views that had become our backdrop.

The journey home was notably smoother than our arrival, thanks to a daytime flight with just two connections. Landing in Atlanta, we had a little over an hour to pass through customs, tend to diaper changes, and reach our gate. We arrived with only two minutes to spare. In a moment of spontaneity, Claire decided to strike a pose on the airport floor, requesting a picture—a sweet and amusing memory to mark our departure.

A Peaceful Flight and the Comfort of Home

During the flight, three out of four kids fell asleep within 45 minutes and remained sound asleep until we touched down in Arizona. Our entire family was exhausted but filled with the contentment that comes from an incredible journey.

We collected our luggage, retrieved our car, and headed home, not before reuniting with our beloved dog. The prospect of laundry and opening packages awaited us on the morrow, but returning to a clean house beautifully decorated for Christmas was a heartwarming welcome.

Gratitude and Fond Farewells

As we close this chapter of our family vacation, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for joining us on this incredible journey. Our time in the Turks and Caicos Islands has been filled with unforgettable memories and cherished moments. While we are excited to be home for the holidays, we carry the beauty and wonder of this tropical paradise in our hearts.

Until our next adventure, thank you for being part of our journey, and I look forward to sharing new experiences and stories with you in the future. Farewell, for now, from my family to yours.


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