February 1, 2024

Let’s Talk Sugar

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We all know that starting something new can be tough, and breaking up with sugar is no exception. Sugar is addictive, sneaky, and everywhere! But don’t worry, because I am here to help you change the way that you think about sugar.

Picture this: You’re in your kitchen, grabbing all those condiments and sauces from your fridge. Surprise, surprise! If it’s processed, there’s a 99% chance it’s got sugar lurking in it. Even seemingly innocent items like balsamic dressing aren’t spared. Why, you ask? Because sugar is not just a regular ingredient; it’s addictive!

You see, there are  food scientists who work tirelessly to find the perfect sugar-to-everything-else ratio. Their goal? To make you crave more of the products they’re working on. Sneaky, right? But once you start eliminating sugar from your diet, something magical happens – your cravings fade away, and you stop feeling controlled by food.

Now, I won’t lie; it’s not all rainbows and unicorns at first. I know how it feels because I’ve been there too. The moment you introduce even a smidgen of sugar back into your life, it’s like an avalanche of cravings. But fear not! I’ve got some tips and tricks to help you kick that sugar addiction while keeping your mindset positive and non-restrictive.

Let’s start by distinguishing between organic cane sugar and refined sugar. Organic cane sugar is like a superfood, full of nutrients that are stripped away to create the highly addictive refined sugar. So, it’s not about eliminating sugar entirely, but rather swapping it for healthier alternatives.Find alternatives that are free from unnecessary sugar. Making your own ketchup for example is a fantastic idea. Say goodbye to brands with added sugar and chemicals.  Other brands that offer a healthier ketchup can be pretty pricey! The solution? Make your own ketchup! It’s easy, inexpensive, and tastes so much better.

Start paying attention to labels when you shop. Eliminate sugar where it’s not needed and replace it with natural sweeteners like dates, honey, and maple syrup. These options are not only healthier but also taste divine.

So while breaking up with sugar can be difficult, think of it as an adventure full of delicious discoveries. Swap out those sugary culprits with healthier alternatives, read those labels, and make your kitchen a sugar-free haven. You’ve got this! 

Remember, it’s not about eliminating sweetness from your life; it’s about embracing a healthier kind of sweet. 

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