November 20, 2023

Turks and Caicos Adventure Continues: Day 2


Welcome back to our family adventure in the stunning Turks and Caicos Islands. Day 2 of our journey was filled with delicious breakfasts, beachside fun, and an adults-only evening that brought the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement.

A Breakfast Buffet at Mario’s

Our day began with a hearty breakfast at Mario’s, where a sumptuous buffet awaited us. The options were truly impressive, ranging from omelets to pastries, pancakes, grits, and an array of fresh fruits. It was the perfect start to our day, fueling us for the adventures ahead.

Kids’ Camp and Morning Stroll

After breakfast, we dropped off our older kids at the resort’s kids’ camp, where they would enjoy a day of fun and activities. With the kids settled, Dave and I decided to take Alan for a leisurely walk around the resort, taking in the beauty of our surroundings.

Before heading to the beach, we made a quick stop at the resort’s gift shop. There, we picked up a beach bag and some souvenirs, along with sandcastle-making supplies, setting the stage for a memorable day by the shore.

Beach Bliss and Sandcastles

Upon reaching the beach, we were greeted by the breathtaking sight of crystal-clear waters and warm, inviting sands. Claire immediately got to work, crafting sandcastles and enjoying the feel of the soft grains beneath her fingers. Meanwhile, Gretchen and Errol reveled in the joy of swimming in the ocean’s gentle waves.

Our beach adventure took a whimsical turn when we decided to turn Gretchen into a mermaid by burying her in the sand. Laughter and joy filled the air as we created lasting memories by the shore.

Lunch and Unpredictable Weather

As we ordered lunch by the beach, Mother Nature had other plans. Just as our food arrived, a sudden rain shower sent us scurrying back to our room. We quickly showered off the sand and enjoyed our meal indoors. This was also the moment Alan woke up from his morning nap, and our attentive butler ensured he returned safely to our room.

 Poolside Relaxation

With the rain shower passing, we decided to spend some time by the pool. Ralph made some new friends and started playing a game of catch in the pool, while the rest of us lounged by the pool bar, sipping on refreshing Virgin Piña Coladas. The setting sun casts a golden hue over the pool area, creating a tranquil and picturesque scene.

A Special Evening Out

As the evening approached, we prepared for a special night out. Dave and I had reservations at an adults-only restaurant in the French village. Before heading out, we dropped off the kids at the kids’ camp, where they enjoyed dinner and a show of their own.

At the restaurant, we were treated to an incredible seafood feast that showcased the island’s culinary excellence. The delightful meal was punctuated by catching the tail end of the kids’ show before picking them up.

 Sweet Treats to End the Day

To top off our evening, we couldn’t resist a visit to “Curls and Swirls,” an ice cream parlor at the resort. The banana split I indulged in was the perfect ending to a wonderful day filled with beachside adventures and delectable cuisine.

With hearts full of joy and stomachs full of ice cream, we made our way back to our room, eagerly anticipating the adventures that lay ahead in this tropical paradise. Stay tuned for more updates from our Turks and Caicos vacation!


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