January 28, 2020

16 Week Bumpdate

Baby Family

16 Weeks.jpg

Baby is the size of: An avocado 🥑

Sleep: So much better as long as I take a Unisom. If I don’t – talk about pregnancy insomnia! There have been a few restless nights that I’m up until 3-4 in the morning.

Cravings: Asian food – but nothing with noodles. This week I’ll be making Asian Lettuce Wraps, Broccoli Beef, and Orange Chicken. 🤤

Food aversions: Noodles. Which is weird because I LOVE them. And ground beef…which is extra weird because a cheeseburger sounds sooooo good but as soon as I think about *actually* eating a beef patty…🤢

Morning sickness: I thought I was getting it under control – I’m currently taking prescription Zofran, vitamin B6, and Unisom – but the past few days it has been pretty bad. Any type of motion makes me nauseous.

Movement: I’ve felt a couple random flutters and movement but nothing consistent. My dr. told me that my placenta is on the front so it may be awhile before I feel anything regularly.

Gender: We will find out in 4 weeks!! I’m convinced it is a girl though.

Weight Gain: 23 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: I need them. Lol. When we moved I got rid of so much stuff that I maybe have 2 maternity pieces…I’ve been living in @lululemon align pants and my husbands shirts. Top of my To Do list this week is online shop for some new clothes. Where is your favorite place to get maternity clothes?

Challenges this week: Exercising. It has been so hard because of the nausea. I walked a few times this week on the treadmill, but other than that any type of motion (like squats or jumping or anything) make me throw up.

Best moment of the week: Hearing baby’s heartbeat. 😍 I had an appointment last week and it is a strong 140 BPM.


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