February 5, 2020

17 Week Bumpdate

Baby Family

17 Weeks.jpg

Baby is the size of: A pear. 🍐

Sleep: Meh. Starting to get my energy back. I’m waking up earlier in the morning but so wiped out by the end of the day.

Cravings: Taco Bell! If you say Crunchwrap Supreme to me I’m in.

Food aversions: Anything carbonated. I think I drank too much of that during the my super nauseous phase that I can’t stomach it any more.

Morning sickness: Called my doctor a few days ago because I was getting breakthrough nausea even though I have been taking Zofran. They told me to increase my frequency to no more than every 4 hours (as opposed to 8) and it has made a night and day difference.

Movement: Not much this week.

Gender: Debating at this point if we want to find out or not.

Weight Gain: 23 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: This past week I ordered a TON of Amazon! Got a ton of dresses that will be perfect for when we move to AZ.

Challenges this week: Getting everything done I need to in a day. Although I am waking up earlier and going to bed at the same time, I’m so out of energy that I just need to lay down on the couch after 6pm.

Best moment of the week: New maternity clothes!!!


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