March 11, 2020

22 Week Bumpdate

Baby Family


Baby is the size of: a papaya.

Sleep: We are moving into our new house this week and the stress and anxiety is getting to me. I have been waking up at 4 or 5 every day (which is with a 1 hour time change so it feels like even earlier!) Once we move in we are getting a brand new mattress too so hoping that helps!

Cravings: Cafe Zupas! Since we have moved to AZ I have gone almost daily. The Mango Berry Salad, Honey Bacon Club, and Cauliflower Soup! YUMMMM! AND mangos.

Food aversions: Red meet and heavy carbs.

Morning sickness: *Almost* completely gone. In the past week I have maybe taken 4 Zofran pills which is q huge improvement from my 4x/day. I still need to be careful because the other day i drank too much water too fast and immediately threw it all up.

Movement: YES!!! Finally feeling movement every day. 🙂

Gender: We aren’t finding out.

Weight Gain: I don’t know since our scale is packed but I want to say right around 25 pounds. I usually gain almost all of my pregnancy weight the first 15-16 weeks and then hardly anything until the third trimester.

Maternity Clothes: Yep! It is all I wear.

Challenges this week: Relaxing. Since we are moving states, I have sooooo much to do and have made so many phone calls and it has been hard to take a breather because I keep feeling like I’m forgetting something.

Best moment of the week: Reuniting with my kids this week. I flew down to AZ and Dave drove down with the kids and his mom and got her yesterday. They both love this baby so much. Gretchen keeps rubbing and hugging and kissing my tummy, and well Ralph, he blows raspberries on my belly and thinks it is the funnies thing in the world. I think he is going to be a great big brother.






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