March 9, 2020

We’re Moving to Arizona

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The day we decided we were going to move!

The day we decided we were going to move!

Crazy story how this all happened, but it was totally meant to be. So David and I always knew we wanted to move out of Washington – I have really bad seasonal depression and neither of us can stand the winters. We both knew if we were going to move somewhere with sun we had to have palm trees and it had to be somewhere on the west side of the country because most of our family still lives in Washington.

In December of 2018 we finally landed on Arizona and so Dave started the process to lateral as an officer down here…which the process to transfer takes forever. After filling out an application and waiting several months he got called to interview and do all of the department testing to transfer. So we booked tickets last July to come visit, interview, and look at some houses.

Dave’s interview was supposed to take a week…first he had a ride-along scheduled, then he had a polygraph test, next he would do a physical test, and then an oral interview.

I wasn’t nervous at all because he’s been an officer for about 4 years and I figured this was all a formality and he would easily be able to pass everything.

After his ride-along we went to look at some houses and fell IN LOVE with this one that had a lake view and was just so beautiful it made our decision to relocate even easier.


The next day he had his lie detector test super early in the morning. Easy peasy…my husband the perfect little Mormon boy who has never drank, smoked, lied, done anything bad in his life, this was going to be a piece of cake. <3

I remember waking up that morning to a phone call from him around 8am and he told me he didn’t pass. WHAT?!?!?!!!?! I thought he was kidding and told him to not joke about this. He told me he was serious and apparently lie detector tests are not very reliable. He said he didn’t pass and they told him not to come back to finish the interview process unless he had something to tell them that he withheld during the lie detector test…which he didn’t.

So what started to out as a week of interviews quickly turned into a vacation for us. Lol.

That day we went to the pool and tried to think of a Plan B because at that point we both had our hearts set on moving and we were so bummed because we knew it would probably be at least another 6 months before he could interview with a different department.

While floating in the pool that day we just fell more in love with AZ – YES in the middle of July when it was 115 degrees…we LOVED it! We talked about what it would be like if Dave just quit his job and we moved down here anyway. We always know that was our end game…once my business got to a certain point he was going to quit…and we realized that my business was already AT that point.

BUT the thought of moving states, building our dream home, AND Dave quitting his job and giving up a nearly six-figure income all at the same time was super scary. BUT we also thought him not passing a lie detector test was a sign. Maybe God was telling us it is finally time to take a leap of faith. So we decided to do the scary thing and just go for it!

The next week we got home and put our house on the market. It sold within a week. Because of my coaching business we were able to put down a large deposit to start the building process. While our house was being built we lived in my grandparent’s condo since they live in AZ during the winter and now this week our dream is coming to life.

Last week I moved to be able to do our final walkthrough and the kids and Dave are driving down here this week. Then on my 31st birthday this Thursday, we get the keys to our brand new home and get to start the next chapter of our lives!

Last picture at our old house.

Last picture at our old house.

First picture at our new house!

First picture at our new house!


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