May 18, 2023

We Made It To Paris


We made it to Paris! The flight itself was pretty uneventful, and I managed to catch about three hours of shut-eye. The announcement saying we were about to touch down in Paris in just half an hour, is what woke me up. Talk about an adrenaline rush! I peeked out the window, and the view was absolutely stunning, with the Eiffel Tower standing tall in the distance, lush green everywhere, and charming buildings. I was instantly in love.

cute couple in Paris street

Once we got off the plane, there was this super friendly guy waiting to greet us. He took us through immigration and customs and we were able to bypass all the long lines which saved us hours. We are totally getting the VIP treatment! It was a relief though to start our adventure in Paris on such a positive note.

The challenging part though – fitting twelve pieces of luggage into our car aka luggage Tetris. We got everything to fit then it was on to the hotel! The journey to the hotel was picturesque and we are staying in an amazing location perfectly situated within walking distance of so many sights and right next to “Savoir” where Emily In Paris works. Lol.

Our original plan to have high tea after we landed got derailed due to a delayed flight and crazy traffic. No worries, though! We freshened up in our rooms, and then we asked the concierge for a dinner recommendation.

Beachbody coaches wearing grey sweater, cute jeans, black purses

Dinner was out of this world! We went to this little gem of a restaurant called Flottes. I started with their world-famous French onion soup, and let me tell you, it was mind-blowingly delicious. I also had the chef’s salad which had the most amazing mustard vinaigrette dressing. Seriously, one of the best salads I’ve ever had. And for the main course – rack of lamb served with green beans and roasted garlic – I could have eaten an entire head of that roasted garlic it was so good.

After dinner, we took a stroll as the sun slowly set over Paris (which is 9:30 here!) – perfect lighting for pictures. We wandered through charming gardens, caught glimpses of the Eiffel Tower in the distance, and even made it all the way to the Louvre. We even found this little patch of grass where we kicked off our shoes and did some grounding, because apparently, it helps with jet lag.

Annnnd couldn’t go to bed without dessert. We stumbled upon this adorable café and shared the creme brûlée and salted butter caramel crepes. Seriously, some of the best desserts I’ve ever had. I totally understand the hype around French cuisine now.

two couples in sweet cafe in Paris

Alright – I’m exhausted and it’s time for bed. Tomorrow is our first full day and also when everyone else in the group arrives. I’m so excited to see what the day has in store!

xo -Tasha

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