May 19, 2023

To The Eiffel Tower We Go


It’s finally here! Our first full day in Paris. I slept for probably six hours last night, could have been longer, but I was just so excited!

Dave woke up before me and went to the gym. When he got back to the room, he said it was like a sauna. It was over 80 degrees, just so hot. So we opted for a walk outdoors instead this morning.

We started our walk through a garden by the Louvre, Tuileries Gardens (Jardin des Tuileries). From there we walked to the Seine River and walked along the Port du Louvre, a walkway that runs along the Seine. We then decided why not walk to the Eiffel Tower. It was only about two miles away. Overall I got in 23k steps.

We probably left the hotel around 7:00am and got to the Eiffel Tower around 8:30am, and along the way we noticed that nothing was open. Things really didn’t start to open up until we were getting back to our hotel, around 9:30. That was really rough because we all needed to use the bathroom so bad. The entire way back to the hotel from the Eiffel Tower, we were desperately looking for a bathroom or a place that was open that had a bathroom. We weren’t having any luck until we finally found one by the Metro, but you had to buy a MetroCard to be able to get into the bathroom. Of course we bought the card so we could use the bathroom.

After that we got our very first croissant! Dave chose a chocolate pistachio croissant and he shared it with me. It was so good that we forgot to take a picture of it. By far, the best croissant I’ve ever had! It seemed like it was just at a touristy place where you can get croissants and coffee, so I cannot wait to actually taste croissants at the famous cafes that we have plans to go to.

When we arrived back to the hotel, others from the group were starting to arrive. After saying Hi to them, we all decided we were ready for breakfast. The hotel has a continental breakfast spread out with veggies, fruit, and of course, lots of bread and cheese. I actually woke up feeling a little bit bloated this morning. I think it was from the cheese in the French onion soup that I ate last night. Because of that, I was trying to avoid the bread and cheese at breakfast, however it was still so good.

After breakfast we went back up to our room to get ready for a walking tour we had planned of some museums and local sites. Also, we needed to pack up our room because we had a room change this afternoon to a bigger room which is nice considering we brought in total 6 pieces of luggage lol – European hotel rooms are small (much like New York City) so having the extra space is nice.

For our walking tour, we met up with those that had arrived, some people are still flying in, and met our guide in the lobby. The tour was just a short one to show us a few of the sites and tell us some neat, historical stories about those sites and the area. We ended our tour at the d’Orsay museum (Musée d’Orsay). I am not really a big museum person, but we walked through, appreciated the paintings and the architecture, and then went to a little cafe for lunch. There, I had the burrata with tomatoes. I wasn’t really hungry and I knew dinner was coming soon, so I decided on something small to eat.

One really cool thing about this trip with BODi is that they brought a photographer to be here for the full trip. While we were on our walking tour, the photographer would pull us aside, and we would have mini photo shoots which it is going to be so nice to have professional photos at alll of these iconic sites around the city.

After a day of walking and our whole group arriving we went to a welcome dinner and then straight to bed (around 11pm lol). I feel a little disoriented by the time but hoping to get a full night sleep tonight.

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