December 11, 2019

Baby #3 – Due July 14!

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11 months of trying and we are finally pregnant with baby 3!

Unlike the first 2 who were conceived this first try, this baby took a bit longer and was surprisingly a little bit of a surprise.

See, October was a busy month for us. We traveled to Arizona for a Leadership retreat and the week following our retreat (the week I usually ovulate) I stayed in Arizona to host a retreat for my team while David went back to Washington.

We were okay taking a break that month because July 2020 we had a trip planned anyway to New Orleans and would have to skip it if I were pregnant. We also had a trip to Hawaii planned in November which I didn’t want to be sick during. So we decided to put it in God’s hands and not actively try that month.

I guess we both assumed that with the trouble we had been having, this month would be a miss too since there were were only 2 times I could have got pregnant!

So 4 days before my missed period (when I got my first positive with Gretchen and Ralph) I took an EPT just because I had and extra one…and you know when you’re trying it’s hard not to get addicted to peeing on sticks Lol. It was a big fat negative and I wasn’t surprised.

Then a few days later – the day of my period which is super regular – I took another test (this time a dollar store test) because I had been so tired. I usually stay up to midnight or later and had been falling asleep before 10. I didn’t think it could be pregnancy BUT wanted to make sure. And what do you know…POSITIVE!!! I was so surprised.

The first person I told was my 5-year-old Gretchen. She was so excited! Then I told Ralph, and then we all face timed David who had already left for work to tell him the news.

Baby 3 is due July 14, 2020!


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