October 26, 2023

Show Up for Yourself

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In a world filled with constant distractions and demands, it’s not uncommon to put ourselves on the back burner. We often find ourselves caught up in the chaos of daily life, neglecting our own well-being. But what if we decided to make a change? What if we were determined enough to prioritize ourselves, even when it’s hard?

I know what it’s like to carry the weight of insecurity and shame, to feel uncomfortable in your own skin, and to yearn for a transformation. It’s a journey that demands dedication and perseverance. Such dedication to self-improvement can have a profound impact on every aspect of your life.

Recently, I shared my own journey, posting my halfway results from the “75 Hard” challenge. I’ve shed almost five pounds, and while progress has been made, it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. If you’ve ever embarked on a weight loss journey, you’ve likely experienced the frustration of working diligently and consistently, only to see minimal changes on the scale. It’s tempting to think, “This isn’t working; I should give up or try something else.” But the truth is, the most effective solution is a combination of time and unwavering consistency.

Imagine committing to a healthy routine for 30 days. Day by day, you stick to your plan, and on day 31, the pounds begin to melt away rapidly. Would you stop then? Of course not. The challenge lies in not knowing when you’ll enter the “melting mode.” But what if, just one more day of dedication, is all it takes? How many times in life have we been on the cusp of success but gave up just before reaching our goal?

Yes, “75 Hard” is not primarily a weight loss challenge; it’s a test of mental toughness. The journey has been mentally taxing for me as I strive to lose weight and reach my goals. However, who’s to say that I’m not making progress? Often, people tie their success to the number on the scale, but that’s not how success should be defined.

For me, success now means showing up for myself every day, even when it’s tough, even when the results I crave seem elusive. It’s an acknowledgment that healthy eating, exercise, and self-care are about more than just losing weight. My personal journey has spanned 11 years, and when I started, my primary goal was to look good in a bikini. But as I worked hard and lost 50 pounds, I realized that transformation goes far beyond the external.

Prioritizing yourself and following through on your commitments lead to a remarkable transformation on the inside. It’s not about reaching your ideal weight; it’s about gaining confidence because you’re keeping promises to yourself. Confidence is a byproduct of self-discipline, and it doesn’t require you to be at your goal weight to feel your best.

Don’t underestimate the power of prioritizing yourself and following through on your commitments. It’s a life-changing journey that goes beyond the scale and transforms you from the inside out. So, keep going, keep showing up for yourself, and watch as your life undergoes a remarkable transformation.


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