May 7, 2021

My Morning Meltdown 100 Weight Loss Journey

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Back in March of 2019, I found myself at my heaviest weight ever. I was not on track over the holidays and with the stress of life and not being able to get pregnant I let my eating get out of control.

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I started to become even more depressed about how I looked and felt.

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None of my clothes fit and I didn’t want to go out in public.

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I was angry at myself for letting this happen.

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I knew I needed to change. Then I got the opportunity to test out a new 100 Day program! I knew this was going to be my solution! I committed to showing up for 100 days no matter what!

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I meal planned and prepped. I started eating the right portions and trusted my color coded containers.

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Sometimes my 20 minute workouts took 45 minutes because of MOM LIFE…but I always finished.


It didn’t take long to notice a change. Sometimes there wasn’t much of a change…but I trusted the process.

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And then a crazy thing happened. People started to notice how different I looked and how much more energy I had.

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I didn’t have to modify workout moves anymore! My mindset had changed and I started to believe I could actually hit my goal! The more I saw results, the more excited I was to keep going!

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Eating healthier started to get so much easier! I wasn’t tempted by food and had no more cravings. I even passed up cake on both of my kids’s birthdays! I was not motivated every day for 100 days. But, I was disciplined and showed up even when I didn’t want to!

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Then Day 100 rolled around…and I cried because I showed myself that I could do hard things and I was so proud of what I had accomplished!


In 100 days… I lost 40 pounds…


& 34 inches!


Not every day was easy…but it was 100% worth it! I had more energy and more confidence.


My clothes fit me again! I wasn’t afraid to be seen in a swimsuit anymore.

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I wanted to get out and do things again.

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I finally felt like the Mom my kids deserved and the wife my husband deserved.

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